"post a pic of 60” indian remy hair or waist trainers and everyone’s loving it up / post a book giveaway and they’re like 😶 / mute. my people ooo"


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"there are times when you have to let fools yell into the wind / there is power in your silence. #xoDVF"

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"decentralize yourself. in the same way that i can not roll up and participate in an indigenous peoples ceremony, or Japanese theatre, or anyone elses culture, you can not participate in mine, just because you want to. appreciate. it’s that simple. decentralize and simply appreciate. the assertion that i do not want non poc engaging with my work is false, I do not want non poc appropriating my work/my culture/my experiences/ my heritage/ my people. i do not want non poc using it for something. I don’t want salt. to be exploited, exoticized, or an educational manual on who we are. if you are not a poc, i simply want you to appreciate and honor it as someone else’s truth. remove yourself from the equation and appreciate someone else’s reality. not for what it can give you, but for what it is."

nayyirah waheed 

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