I’m happy for others that are happy or succeeding.

I’m happy for those that are happy in love.

I’m happy for those that are growing.

I’m happy for those that know who they are and love it.

I’m happy for others bc it’s more satisfying than being jealous or hating.

(via raychillster)

"Stay single, fall in love with yourself first. Don’t buy into the hype. Don’t lie to get someone’s body. Don’t fool yourself into a relationship. Be clear about what you want. Make sure it isn’t a decision stemmed from loneliness. Be honest about what you need. Be honest about what you have to offer. Be satisfied with not getting what you want. Don’t manipulate. Open communication. Be blunt. Be respectful. Be happy with or without someone. Know whether you’re in bed with a one-night stand or at the pulpit for marriage, that you didn’t lie to yourself or someone else to get there."

"Let your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."